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1 January 1945

Before computer printoutsJacky Bernard Ickx was born. The charismatic Belgian driver burst onto the motoring scene when he qualified third for the German Grand Prix driving a supporting Formula Two car! Because this was a Formula 1 event he was forced to start from the rear of the grid but still managed to work his way up to fourth before retiring.

3 January 1969

Michael Schumacher was born. Currently recognized as the top driver in Formula 1, his place in history is still being determined.

16 January 1955

Fangio claims his victoryJuan-Manuel Fangio won the Argentine Grand Prix. The three hour race was run during a grueling heatwave. With a track temperature of over 135º few drivers other than Fangio were able to complete the race.

18 January 1950

Gilles Villeneuve was born.

"He"s different from the rest of us, on a separate level ..."

Jacques Laffite describing Gilles

22 January 1959

Mike Hawthorn died in a road accident.Mike Hawthorn

As a driver, he was already lost to us, and who knows, time may prove that in that respect he was just about replaceable. But as a man, as a character, as a tremendous personality, there could never be another Mike Hawthorn. Long shall we mourn and remember you, "Mon Ami Mate!" Yes, he was quite a character, was Britain"s first World Champion.

From Champions! by John Blunsden and Christopher Hilton (MRP, 1993)

28 January 1938

Last run - January 28, 1938Bernd Rosemeyer dies while attempting speed record.

The young man from Lower Saxony in the words of Cyril Pothumas "... shot meteor-like across the motor racing firmament, driving three short but shattering seasons before his light went out ..."

29 January 1950

Jody Scheckter was born. Little did anyone realize the Scheckter would be the last World Champion for Ferrari in 1979.