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5 October 1922

Froilan GonzalezFroilan Gonzalez was born in 1922. Known as the "Pampas Bull" he began racing in Europe in 1950. Famous for his all out hunched over the steering wheel style he retired to become a successful businessman in Argentina.

"More than twenty years have passed since that British Grand Prix and yet it seems to me as if it was yesterday. It needs only a casual word at a party, a friend or perhaps a journalist asking me, "How was it all in the beginning, Pepito?" for memories to flood into my mind; memories of a raw, inexperienced lad from Argentina,

Since then I have received praise and congratulations from kings, princes, and statesmen in many countries. I have forgotten many races. But always fresh in my mind is 14 July 1951" and so begins his recollection on what he considered his greatest victory, Ferrari's first - The British Grand Prix.

19 October 1958 hthorn2.jpg (7362 bytes)Before "Our Nige" there was "Our Mike", John Michael Hawthorne. The final race was in Morocco and saw Moss score fastest lap and win the race all for naught as Hawthorn would finish a easy second and become the first British World Champion by one point over Moss.

With his blond hair, boyish good looks and his trademark bow-tie he cut a dashing figure. When he was on his game he could be unbeatable yet he remained an amateur at heart.

23 October 1955 syra1a.jpg (21355 bytes)In October 1955, with nearly ten years of motor racing completed since the war, enthusiasts in this country were beginning to wonder whether a British racing car would ever win a major event. For two seasons the World Championship had been dominated by Fangio and Mercedes-Benz; previously to that it had been the red cars of Italy. Admittedly, Mike Hawthorn and Stirling Moss, driving foreign cars, had, won races but when was a British G.P. car driven by a Briton going to achieve success. One Sunday afternoon on the island of Sicily - with only a handful of Britons amongst a crowd of 40,000 to see it happen twenty-three year old C.A.S. Brooks, and Connaught, gave us the answer.

30 October 1906 farina1.jpg (9582 bytes)Farina was born in Turin, the son of the famous coach building brothers and was the nephew of Pinin Farina. Farina or "Nino" as he was called had a fiery driving style and woe the driver that crossed his path. His driving impressed Tazio Nuvolari who became his friend and mentor. Driving for Alfa Romeo in 1938, he raised quite a few eyebrows including German ones as he harassed their cars not allowing them the easy victories that they were becoming accustomed too. Many predicted great things for this driver but World War II would intervene. After the war he made good on all of the predictions by becoming the first World Champion.

30 October 1988 sen20.jpg (14453 bytes)The two title contenders were teammates - Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Fittingly they started from the front row with Senna claiming pole position. Senna's title hopes seamed to vanish when he stalled his engine on the grid and ended the first lap in 14th place. Ivan Capeli burst into the lead from 9th position on the grid but his run in the lead was short lived as was his race when the electronics on his March failed. With 31 laps left Senna was now second behind Prost. Eight laps later he was in the lead and roared to his first championship. Senna's march to the top, started when he first drove a Toelman was now complete.