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The website Grand Prix History has been in existence since May 22, 1997. For much of that time it has been a little known secret tucked in a small corner of the World Wide Web. Lovingly constructed step by step it is now 200+ pages in length or is that girth? It is still one of the few Formula 1 sites that attempts to go beyond the statistics and describe what it was really like. Its motto is still: "The history of Grand Prix racing through the lives of its greatest drivers, people and events." In the last few months Grand Prix History has started to garner some notice and it is with pride that I share this with you, the readers.

300 Incredible Things for Auto Racing Fans on the Internet

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Greetings from RACEPAGES.COM,

Having thousands of listings on our site, and literally hundreds of submissions per month, we get to see a bunch of websites, both good and bad. Every now and then, one really stands out as being well thought out and executed. We have added a special award area on our site to recognize those sites. Since our site receives over twenty million hits per month, this area is a high visibility area.

You may ask why I am telling you this? Well, our staff recently visited your site after a submission and felt your website is one of those which really stands out and they have selected your site as a recipient of the "RACEPAGES.COM Sites Of Excellence" award.

cgw.jpg (30211 bytes)Computer Gaming World If you's like to find out more about the history of the Grand Prix, check out Grand Prix History at It contains information about the best-known drivers from the past and of today, the cars, the tracks, and more. The articles you'll find there are well-written and informative, with plenty of historical photographs.

Tasos Kaiafas
Computer Gaming World


F1 Racing For all those who thought a nostalgic wallow involved watching an old Arrows negotiate a chicane, think again. For such a state-of-the-art, buzzword-compliant medium, the Net actually does the history bit surprisingly well nowhere more so than at Grand Prix History ( There's an enormous amount of information archived here - documenting the teams, drivers and stories of F1's past; all beautifully written, superbly designed and generously hyperlinked. For anyone wanting to put the modern circus in context, this is the place to start.

Andy Stout - F1 Racing Nov. 1997


F1 Racing - F1 RacingThe Best a Web can Get
A personal 10 ... For a very good historical perspective on the whole circus, meanwhile, Dennis David's Grand Prix History ( is an absolute must ...

Andy Stout - F1 Racing Nov. 1997 


vr.jpg (24290 bytes)Vintage Racecar - Hard Drive
An extraordinarily detailed site highlighting the history of many of the great drivers, cars and personalities of Formula One ...

Vintage Racecar September 1998 

Grand Prix History - The Story of Speed
It all began in 1894, when 21 horseless carriages raced 78 miles from Paris to Rouen - and the first Grand Prix was won at the exhilarating speed of 10mph. A lot of tyre has screeched over the tarmac since then, and a good few of the marks are carefully logged here. Great models of past and present are finely drawn and described. There is a breathless account of the 1953 French Grand Prix, when the brash young novice Mike Hawthorn passed Argentine champion Juan Fangio on the last bend, to win by one second. The greats are lined up in a gallery of potted biographies. At present, the chequered flag comes down on Grand Prix History in 1970 - but it evidently is "To be continued..."

TopGear @ the BBC
August 1998


The "Internet All Stars" is a Russian language's directory of some of the Internet's popular resources as selected by their organization. This is not a major award but demonstrates what a large and wonderful world the WWW is.

cafepick.jpg (7635 bytes)The webmaster (a mister Dennis A. David) typifies what is right with the internet. He's an obsessed Formula 1 racing fan who has put up an extraordinary gift to the rest of the world: this incredible site. You can read about the history of this primarily European sport, as well as profiles of its heroes, its cars, and the races. This is a meticulously researched site that has just enough graphics, that makes imaginative use of tables, and is pleasing to the eyes. I wouldn't hesitate to send my child here if he or she had a report to produce on Formula 1 racing. I ended up spending an hour here myself.

smarf.gif (4691 bytes)Hot Link of the Week! Grand Prix History -- The history of Grand Prix racing through the lives of its greatest drivers, places and events. A quality site whether you are a big fan of Formula One racing or not. Stop by right now.

pilogo.gif (6357 bytes) GRAND PRIX HISTORY
    Dit is werkelijk een site die in de bookmarks van alle Formule 1- liefhebbers thuishoort. De historische informatie, geïllustreerd met prachtige foto's, is bijzonder gedetailleerd. Alle bekende coureurs uit het verleden, zoals 'The Master' Juan-Manuel Fangio en Ayrton Senna passeren de revue.