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Chapman, Innes Ireland, Clark and Alan Stacey - Zandvoort 1960Colin ChapmanChapman & ClarkRindt, Andretti, Chapman and Hill at IndianapolisColin Chapman and Jim Clark

Colin Chapman and Jim ClarkChapman & ClarkWinnersChapman & ClarkMike Spence, Chapman and Clark

Duckworth,Chapman, Clark and Hill at the business end of a Lotus 49Colin Chapman with Jochen Rindt Chapman in trouble with the Dutch authoritiesChapman in Lotus 49Clark and Chapman

Graham Hill with Colin Chapmen

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"He used to build cars so they needed a complete rebuild after every race, but that was precisely the idea. He'd say they only need to do 250 miles so if they break down after 260 then we're doing it about right. Of course what happened was they very often broke at about 240..."

Peter Warr former Lotus team manager


"If Colin had a failing it was that he always looked for the next thing no-one had rather than develop what he had."

Peter Warr former Lotus team manager


"... he would guide a junior through the needs and constraints of the current problem until his pupil reached the key to it. " Then he'd say "you see, it designs itself!" and walk away.

Hugh Haskell, former Lotus engineer

"Formula 1 should be the pinnacle of motor racing. It should have the minimum of parameters controlling performance. There are only four parameters which control a racing car; one is the power from the engine; the second is the aerodynamical download it can produce; the third is the amount of grip which can be obtained by the tyres and the fourth is the weight."

Colin Chapman


I think that Jimmy was the only real friend that Colin had. Everybody else was a business associate."

Mike Costin co-founder of Cosworth