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Niki Lauda
Lauda leads Monaco Three different ways around a corner - 1975 Niki Lauda Solitary car Niki Lauda
In the Ferrari pits Ferrari under an umbrella - 1975 Nurburgring
Lauda at rainy Monaco - 1975 "Damaged Goods" - Barcelona 1975 Lauda in McLaren

"This year (1974) I wasn't ready to become world champion. If I have a good season next year, I shall know the reason for it all: to make me tough and ready for great things".



"What struck me was how 'clever' his best performances were. He often kept himself back, in practice, and awaited the right moment, and then really went flat out. He always thought more deeply than the others, and he also gave himself endless trouble preparing the race."

Fritz Indra,  Ferrari Technician


"My PR value alone is worth that much. You'll be paying only one dollar for my driving ability, all the rest is for my personality."

Lauda, during negotiations with McLaren and Marlboro to return to F1