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  Car:   Mors 60 HP   Engine:   V-4
  Maker:   Mors   Bore X Stroke:   130 X 190 mm
  Year:   1901   Capacity:   10,087 mm
  Class:   Grand Prix   Power:   60 bhp at 950 rpm
  Wheelbase:       Track:    

The Mors factory was one of the earliest car manufacturers to take part in racing (1897). Its creator, Emille Mors, was a strong believer in the technical and promotional benefits of automobile racing. Much of racing at the turn of the century was a battle between Panhard and Mors.The first race cars had straight or inline cylinders and the Mors was one of the first using a V concept. The 60 HP Grand Prix car was powered by a 10 liter V4-cylinder engine, using magneto ignition and side valves it rated power of 60 bhp was reached at 950 rpm. Constructed on a steel chassis, power was transmitted via a four-speed transmission to chain driven rear wheels upon which were placed the brakes.

In 1902 the Mors pioneered the use of dampers (shock absorbers) in their race cars. This was a tremendous advantage over the rough or non-existent roads of the day. In this car, Henri Fournier, won one the greatest races of the period, scoring a victory in the Paris-Berlin race only to have the drive chain break just as he was about to start his victory parade! Mors' major racing efforts ended in 1908 and a planned comeback was ruined by World War I.


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