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Underappreciated Grand Prix Parts And Why They Matter

The name Pontiac carries a great legacy that extends as far back as in 1926. Being known as one of the great American cars, this brand used to be the great GM’s performance division. However, with the passage of time the now-defunct brand was brought to the end of the road. Still, with the popularity it saw and the millions it sold, many people still enjoy the beauty and power of a Pontiac. One of the most popular models is perhaps the Grand Prix, which was introduced in 1962 as part of the brand’s full-size car model offering.

That said, a lot of people own a Grand Prix, and they must be regularly changing their ride’s parts, constantly working on their car. However, some parts are often underappreciated and sometimes overlooked, still they matter just the same.

1. Valve Lifter

When you are working on your Grand Prix, it is absolutely important to not overlook getting a valve lifter. This auto part, which is also known as a hydraulic tappet, is crucial to the process of maintaining zero valve clearance. This takes place in an internal combustion engine and would typically require constant adjusting and correction in order to maintain as little clearance as possible. This clearance happens in between the valve and the cam follower or its rocker.

2. Mufflers & Silencers

Your car needs mufflers and silencers for the generator, whether you think it does or you do not. These car parts are vital to the process of reducing the noise that comes out of the exhaust of your internal combustion engine. They are installed within the exhaust system and are quick and effective to kill the sound. They target the sound of the burning-hot exhaust gas, which exits the engine rather unsubtly.

Mufflers are a must-have, especially in rural areas, as they are capable of reducing the noise pollution. The great thing about them is that they can be easily installed without needing to go to a professional. The car part wizards at GeneratorGrid explain that you can install DIY mufflers by simply bolting the mufflers on with some clamps and exhaust flex tubing. However, welding the correct piping together is more effective; it will certainly prove to be a generous act for others around you.

3. Speed Sensor Harness

A speed sensor harness is every Grand Prix owner’s best friend on the road. This part is a braking system that monitors and controls the vehicle’s brakes. It will either apply or release pressure from your brakes automatically, which is done for the sake of your car’s traction and stability. The way this is done is by sending signals from the speed sensor to the control module, putting into effect this tool’s power.

4. Tie Rod Adjusting Sleeve

When a car part offers to connect the inner tie rod to the outer tie rod that is when you know you need it. Tie rod adjusting sleeves do more than just that, as they allow for the length of the threaded sleeve to be adjusted for alignment. They will usually use a threaded clip when looking to tighten the ends of the threads, which will keep the tie rod firmly in the sleeve. This auto part is definitely found in every Grand Prix.

5. Automatic Transmission Solenoid

A transmission solenoid is, simply put, an electro-hydraulic valve which is in control of the fluids and the fluid flow throughout an automatic transmission. This includes the fluid that goes into and throughout the automatic transmission. The way this much-needed car part works is through a voltage that is ejected by the transmission controller. You will look to store it in a transmission valve body, control unit or control module.

They will make sure you do not suffer from delayed gear shifting, as well as preventing shifting gears from becoming rough and making sure your transmission does not get stuck in neutral.

6. Catalytic Converter

Seeing as how your Grand Prix runs on energy that does unfortunately leave a carbon footprint, as it does not run on electricity, a catalytic converter can help prevent that. This revolutionary piece of technology is an exhaust emission control device, and it will reduce the toxic gases and pollutants in your car emits, making sure that the world is a little safer.

A Grand Prix will require constant checkups and may need regular maintenance, especially if it is a classic Grand Prix. All the parts are equally as important, whether they are underappreciated, over appreciated or not appreciated at all. Nevertheless, make sure that the environment is safer and a little better by reducing the toxic gas waste and, of course, the noise pollution.