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Grand Prix Tripoli 1925-1940 by Valerio Moretti
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Part 6

Then Nuvolari is out with tire trouble and disappears in the thick of the melee. The pits signal again:


But the distance has increased to one minute.

Thirty-fifth lap: Have my calculations misfired? Is that man running on iron tires? No, he is stopping at the pits. He is off again before I have caught him up, but the gap is now only 14 seconds.

Only five more laps. I can see Varzi's machine clearly in front of me. I know that I must catch him, that I will catch him. Now I begin to increase speed no matter what the consequences. The white Auto Union is barely a hundred yards in front.

Thirty-eighth lap: I've got him and pass on the bend. But victory is not yet mine. He remains so close behind me that I keep seeing him in my mirror. I simply cannot shake him off.

He is still on my heels. The pit signal says:


But the man behind me keeps up this speed; the white car is very close.

Thirty-ninth lap: The pit signal shows:


without a time indication; therefore the distance between us is still very small.

Fortieth and last lap: As we roar past the stands I see the people jump up and gesticulate.

The long bend after the stands...the long straight by the sea...Suddenly he drops back, the white car disappears from my mirror.