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Grand Prix Tripoli 1925-1940 by Valerio Moretti
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Part 7

There is the tower, the stands, the finishing line, on go the brakes. But I am traveling too fast and have to go round once more, until I can stop at the pits.

I sit there numbly for a moment. The engine is silent and suddenly everything is quite around me. I push my goggles up and look toward the stands. The spectators sit there almost unmoving and look out on the circuit. A few people have jumped up and waved to me. The others wait for Varzi.

Then Neubauer rushes up, and the mechanics, my faithful Walz among them. "The big man" is quite beside himself. He pulls me from the car, kisses me in both cheeks; two mechanics hoist me on their shoulders. They carry me that way to the pits. I shake many hands. I am still quite numb.

Suddenly it comes over me - I have won, thank the Lord, I have won! It is an indescribable feeling which cannot be compared to anything else.

The sun is out, the people and everything are bright and friendly, and I have achieved something again. Yes, that best of all - I have arrived once more and can do battle like all the others.

There will be cheerful and sad days, victory and defeat, strong and weak opponents. There will be anger and disappointment or happiness and gaiety. But best of all, the shadows have been dispersed and I am part of the scene again.

1st Rudolf Caracciola Mercedes-Benz (123.03 mph avg.)
2nd Achille Varzi Auto Union
3rd Luigi Fagioli Mercedes-Benz