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No driver could ever say that he had achieved his victor's laurels if he had not won at Brescia


For information on the Mille Miglia at large go to The Greatest Road Race of All

As you have probably noticed I am adding some advertisements to the Grand Prix History website. This is still a one man shop and I do this only to defray some of the costs that I have been accruing over the last seven years that this site has been in existence. Hopefully this will be accompanied with more great content. Please take a second and visit some of the advertisers or even better yet buy a book at the new
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. I guarantee that what gets sold here only meets my highest expectations and rest assured I am very picky!.


Ever heard of slot cars? These are electrified model cars they race along a track guided by a slot. Be a miniature Moss or Fangio while you pilot one of the latest Grand Prix Classics from Scalextric. The newest cars have fantastic detail from European countries such as Britain, Spain, Italy and France. Go here to find out what all the fun is about. This section has just been started so check back often to see the latest additions. A great hobby from the 60's is making a comeback in a big way with cars like this 1938 Peugeot Darl'Mat Le Mans.


What does the world's fastest sport have to do with the world's slowest hobby you may ask? These colorful little pieces of paper serve as a window on our world marking the great people and events of our day.  It's only natural that they would picture the sport that we all love. That being said  in the pursuit of the almighty dollar there are more entities that issues stamps than there are countries in the United Nations. I only collect cars on stamps from those countries that have a legitimate connection with the sport. So here for your view pleasure is some of the better example from the "Hobby of Kings".

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