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"It's difficult to say why he was so special, but he had such a charisma, you know, with his cap, his moustache and his sense of humour. He would sit in the sun, enjoying a beer and when the fans came he would listen to them all and have a joke with everybody. Even the French were charmed by him, and you know sometimes we are not so good with humour."

Rosie Bernard, proprietor of the legendary Rosie's Bar, Monaco

"Graham enjoyed Indy because he enjoyed all the American hype. He loved Americans. That was the fun side of Graham, you see."

Bette Hill, wife and mother of Damon Hill

"Over the years Graham has jotted all the problems he has encountered into a little black notebook. When he goes to a circuit he simply flips the pages and finds out what problems to expect and how the car should be set up to beat them; this way his motors are always in perfect order."

From Hailwood by Mike Hailwood and Ted Macauley (Cassell, 1968)