Ronnie Peterson

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Ronnie PetersonRonnie PetersonRonnie Peterson

Ronnie PetersonRonnie PetersonRonnie PetersonRonnie Peterson

Ronnie PetersonRonnie Peterson

Ronnie Peterson

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.... Team draughtsman Martin Oglivie recalls Peterson going round lap after lap, proving the Lotus-Getrag gearbox, then suddenly going faster...'And when he came in we said, "Ah you've sorted out the selection problem", and he just smiled that slow smile and said, "No. I yust stopped you-sing the clutch." '
"Gilles particularly liked to hear about Ronnie Peterson, his favorite F1 driver. He had seen Peterson's spectacular sideways displays on television and in person at the Grand Prix at Mosport in 1971. He and Joann stood on the outside of Turn One in the rain watching the cars of the stars tiptoe around in admittedly terrible conditions. The exception was Peterson, who powered his rain-tired March up from sixth on the grid to engage polesitter Jackie Stewart in a tremendous tussle. He muscled past him into the lead and stayed there for thirteen laps until he clouted a backmarker (the Canadian driver George Eaton in a BRM). Peterson continued to drive in total disregard of the weather and the bent nose of his March. Stewart won, with Peterson a close second, but it was Ronnie who impressed Gilles."

Excerpt from the book 'Gilles Villenueve: The Life of the Legendary Racing Driver', written by Gerald Donaldson.

"That would be a bloody fantastic spectacle, I can tell you. We would take corners one gear lower than we do now, and get the cars sideways. You know, people still rave about Ronnie Peterson in a Lotus 72, and I understand that. I agree with them. That's the kind of entertainment I want to give the crowds. Smoke the tyres ! Yeah ! "

Gilles Villeneuve discussing his ideal car and driver.

"Ronnie drives absolutely flat-out, all the time," said Chapman after his first few races with the Swede. "If he's off the pace, then it might be the car. Not him."

Colin Chapman

"Flat-out, I yust love to drive flat-out"

Ronnie Peterson discussing his race "strategy"

"I worshipped him, that's why my own helmet is blue and yellow."

Michelle Alboreto discussing Ronnie Peterson